Stop Panic Attacks In 3 Easy Steps

Overcoming or stoping panic attacks can be difficult if you’re not familiar with the panic attack or if you’ve had panic attack only a handful of times. Anyone who has had a panic or anxiety attack will tell you that it can be Scary at all. When someone suffers an panic attacks for the first time he may think that he having a heart attack and often believe that he’re going to die now. To stop or overcome panic attacks quickly you must first need to have a better understanding of the panic attacks and their symptoms.

Panic attacks or anxiety attacks are experienced by those with panic disorder symptoms. These individuals experience a sudden panic attack of nervousness and fear often times without any reason or warning. Some of the attacks symptoms of panic or anxiety attacks are: cold sweats, tightening of the chest, feel breathing difficulty, shaking, nausea, fainting and an irrational feeling of sever to moderate terror.

Panic Attacks
Panic Attacks

How You Overcoming or stoping panic attacks in  3 easy steps

1- Breathe Well

When you experiencing an attack the first thing you must do is focus and concentrate on controlling your breathing. The psychical symptoms of an attack can be easly controlled by taking long, deep, complete breathes. These deep breathes should work to relaxing your body and help to prevent the sufferer from fainting.

2- Use positive self talk

Most people suffering from an attack think always in the same negative thoughts over and over in their mind which makes their attacks symptoms become more worse. It’s known that our minds can only hold either positive or negative thoughts at one time so try to  Switching from a negative thought pattern of attacks  to a positive one plays a crucial part in overcoming panic attacks and The easiest way for this is to use positive talk with your self like “it’s just a normal panic attack and every thing well i am now ok ”

3- Try to identify the reason of the attack

After the psychical symptoms of a panic attack have subsided you should try to identify the reasons and causes of the attack to help you in the future not coming aiagn for you.

Now you know how to overcome and stoping the panic attacks and you succeed to control your breathing. so now you have the knowledge to Overcoming or stoping panic attacks.

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