Smoking Women Are More likely To Develop Breast, Lung and Colon cancer

A recent U.S. study showed that smoking for many years increases the risk of breast cancer, lung and colon caner among women who have a higher risk of breast cancer for several reasons. ‬ ‬

‫ ‫ The researchers in that study analyzed how the affects of smoking and drinking alcohol and physical activity increase the risk of many cancers among women, especially women with greater opportunities to develop breast cancer for genetic reasons or age or other factors. ‬ ‬

Smoking Women
Smoking Women

‫ Compared with women who never smoked once, the researchers found that women who smoke for more than 35 years have a higher risk of breast cancer, severe proliferation by 60% more for women non-smokers, and have a higher chance of getting colon cancer four times more than the others.

‫ ‫ while women who had had smoking for years, ranging from 15 to 35 years old have a higher risk of breast cancer by 34%, and colon cancer by 7% for non-smokers. ‬ ‬

‫ ‫ Compared to non-smokers, the researchers found that women who smoke more than a pack of cigarettes per day for more than 35 years is not susceptible to breast cancer 30 times more, and less risk to 13 times more for women who smoked for less than 35 years. ‬ ‬

‫ ‫ study also demonstrated that women who do not engage in physical activity have a higher risk of cancer of the uterine wall by 70%, perhaps because these women was not obese is a risk factors for disease. ‬ ‬

‫ ‫ and will be presented this study in the sixth month of June at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology in Chicago. ‬ ‬

The study’s author, Stephanie Land, Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics at the University of Pittsburgh vital: ‬ ‬ ‫ ‫ “This is the first study testing the impact of smoking on women who face the risk of breast cancer.”

‫ ‫ She added, “explained our results, a significant increase in the risk of cancers from those provided by previous studies, as the study suggests that women who face the risk of breast cancer due to hereditary factors or other factors become smoking is more dangerous to increase the chances of this cancer.” ‬ ‬

‫ ‫ warned, saying: “These results are an important message for every woman with a history of illness in her family with breast cancer to warn of smoking and exercise physical exercise to avoid those serious diseases.” ‬ ‬

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