Fat Around The Abdomen Increases The Risk Of Fatal Coronary Artery

In the study is the largest of its kind proven by researchers from various countries around the world that people with coronary artery disease and the accumulation of fat in their abdominal area are more likely to die from the disease than those who gather to have fat in other places in the body.

This effect was observed even in individuals who have a normal body mass, according to a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic Brochestr Minnesota, United States, and published in the Journal of the American Heart College.

‫ ‫ The researchers analyzed data on 15,923 patients with coronary artery, within the five studies were in America, Denmark, France and Korea.

The researchers found that patients with coronary artery with obesity in the center with twice the risk of death from the disease.

This is similar to the same rates of the hazards of smoking a pack of cigarettes every day or suffering from a significant increase in cholesterol, especially among men

Fat Around The Abdomen
Fat Around The Abdomen


‫ ‫ denies these results the paradox is found in several studies and shows that people with high BMI and incurable disease such as coronary artery register greater chances of survival for others who have normal weights.

Says writer Find Thi Coutinho professor of heart disease, Mayo Clinic, “We were skeptical about the existence of a paradox of obesity because the measurement of body mass ‪ BMI is not a good measure of body fat, do not give a vision for the distribution of body fat in just a measure of weight in relation to height,” she said, “What is important here, is how fat is distributed in the body. ”

The study says that patients who have concentrated fat elsewhere in the body such as legs and buttocks do not face these risks.

‫ ‫ this researchers need to see that doctors recommend their patients get rid of excess weight if they accumulate fat in their waist area.

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