Clinical Depression Or Sadness?

Depression is a mental illness that manifest more symptoms than those characteristic of a state of unhappiness, clinical depression has a dark feelings can not be explained by logical terms. Compared with sadness, depression can last for weeks, months and in some cases even for years. A depressed person, feel very helpless and overwhelmed by problems and feelings.

For an even better clarification of the difference between normal sadness and depression will use specific criteria for diagnosing clinical depression.

Person suffering from depressive disorders have a lack of interest in daily activities over a period of at least two weeks. These changes must represent serious changes compared with normal moods and worse functioning in everyday life. A depression arising from alcohol, drugs or prescription drugs for other diseases, is not a major depressive disorder.

clinical depression
clinical depression

Depressive disorders are characterized by the presence of at least five of the following symptoms:

* Establishment of depression throughout the whole day ( during at least 2 weeks ) or observation indicated subjective ( feelings of sadness or emotional emptiness ) or the remarks made by others. Children and teens shows a petulance almost any time of day.
* Diminished interest and pleasure in connection with any activity which managed to wake up both their interest and attention;
* Significant changes recorded for weight loss ( anorexia, bulimia );
* Insomnia daily ( or occurred almost every day );
* Psychomotor agitation or on the contrary, a slowness of movement;
* Fatigue and lack of energy experienced almost every day;
* Feelings of disdain and blame;
* Thinking skills and low concentration occurring almost every day;
* Recurrent suicidal thoughts without a specific plan, suicide attempts or detailed plans on taking his own life.

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